Better Tools — Quality makes all the difference.

Accordance equips you with cutting-edge original language tools, interactive 3D maps, a dynamic interlinear, drag-and-drop graphical searching, and a host of other tools designed to take your Bible study to the next level. All of these tools come packaged in a clean and simple interface that can be customized to complement your Bible study objectives

Faster Searches — Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Accordance has a reputation for delivering lightning-fast search results—even if you don’t own the latest computer with maxed out specs. Searching in Accordance feels snappy and responsive, and hitting the Enter key displays search results rather than a “thinking” animation. When you don’t have to wait for spinning wheels and status bars you have more time for the things you care about, like studying the Bible.

Deeper Study — Dive in and explore Scripture.

Accordance helps you go beyond basic study methods into a deeper interaction with the Bible and related texts. Optimizing your workspace for in-depth study is easy thanks to customizable tabs, zones, and parallel panes. Searching on a deeper level is easy too, thanks to an extensive selection of tagged texts. Using robust analytics tools, you can analyze your search results to discover patterns and trends no one else has seen until now.

Focused on the Bible — Our core philosophy.

Accordance is designed to keep the Bible at the center of your study. In order to facilitate this, many of the features and tools in Accordance have been directly integrated into the text of the Bible itself. For example, you can run a search, look up a definition, open a map, view a Timeline, find parsing information, or hear an audible pronunciation simply by selecting a portion of Bible text and then choosing the respective icon in the toolbar. This in-depth feature integration helps you stay focused on the Bible as you explore other tools.