Sep 6, 2011 David Lang

Accordance 9.4.2 Syncs Unicode Bibles and More

A new update to Accordance 9 was released today. Accordance 9.4.2 supports the syncing of Unicode Bibles with iOS devices, fixes several minor Lion-related issues, and even offers a few speed enhancements. Up to now, opening a new Map tab is one of the few things in Accordance which required me to wait several seconds. Granted, I'm using a four-year-old MacBook Pro, so maybe I felt the pain of it more than most of you do. Now, however, a new Map opens in about a second—even on my older machine.

Accordance 9.4.2 is free to all users of Accordance 9, and can be downloaded through Check for Updates in the Accordance menu. See here for more details.

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