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Now includes the complete Old and New Testaments.

The Legacy Standard Bible reflects another iteration of such preservation and refinement. Worked on by a core translation team in conjunction with pastors and educators from different countries, it is designed to honor, maintain, and advance the tradition represented by the NASB.

The Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) is a translation that—at its core—seeks to be a window into the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. By translating individual words as consistently as possible within their various nuances, it allows the reader to discern what God originally wrote and know the author’s intent. In this way, the LSB seeks to be an improvement upon the NASB, while simultaneously preserving its faithful legacy.

  • The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy preserved—to uphold the work and tradition that is found in translations from the KJV, ASV, to NASB.
  • The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy performed—to advance the commitments of past translations by bringing forth features of the original text relative to accuracy and consistency.
  • The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy passed on—to equip generations to study Scripture and continue the philosophy of being a window into the original text for the glory of God.


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Accessory ModulesLSB NotesLegacy Standard Bible Notes

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English StudiesEnglish Bible add-on_0122English Bible add-on (January 2022)269.00
English BiblesLSB BundleLegacy Standard Bible Bundle0


  1. Yahwehslegacy

    Excellent translation! Seems even more accurate than NASB in terms of choice of words in several verses/passages. Love the use of the covenant name of LORD as “YAHWEH”!! The first English translation to use this name! Also, the use of “SLAVE” in the NT wherever appropriate is an excellent display of Biblical accuracy. Not perfect but very close. I appreciate the bold stance of the translators to textual fidelity in the face of cultural popularity. Absolutely love it. Thanks Accordance for this free version! Love the built in word studies and cross referencing. Looking forward to the entire OT. Strongly recommended. To Yahweh alone be the glory!!

  2. jimmy fort

    none better

  3. (verified owner) Vernon Trafford

    Enjoying my hard copy wide margin large print and look forward to having the copy on laptop and galaxy tablet

  4. (verified owner) Bruce Kodatt

    still awaiting bible

  5. Ronnell Pamilar

    Nice Translation

  6. (verified owner) Mustang24

    How do I download the update?

  7. (verified owner) Rstone

    This is the ESV Bible. I downloaded it thinking I’d get the Legacy Standard Bible, but it is indeed the ESV Bible.

  8. (verified owner) ddoylereynolds

    I have Uninstalled, reinstalled, probably I have done a little dance, but I still cannot get the Old Testament.

  9. (verified owner) Accordance Enthusiast

    Very well done, usually accurate translation. Uses the name Yahweh throughout the OT, which is great.

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