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Book cover: Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2 upgrade from PhotoMuseum

Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2 upgrade from PhotoMuseum

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This upgrade is offered to users who purchased the original PhotoMuseum. Users who purchase this upgrade will receive the new Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2 (PhotoMuseum 2). Add this upgrade product to the shopping cart like any other product.

Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

The PhotoMuseum 2 adds almost 250 new pictures and around 700 new paragraph descriptions. Some of the new articles include:

  • Object articles on Lamps, Seals, and Board Games (Under Games and Sports)
  • Completely revamped the Inscriptions article with articles for specific inscriptions so that they will be linked from the Timeline (Gezer Calendar, Siloam Inscription, etc.) Includes new inscriptions on Gilgamesh, Amarna, etc.
  • New or expanded articles about People groups, with subarticles for Timeline political periods and events (i.e. Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hittites, Philistines, Phoenicians, Romans, and Sumerians).
  • Rulers article greatly expanded.

The Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2 lets you explore the world of the Bible through the tools the people used, the houses in which they lived, the weapons with which they fought, and the sacred objects with which they worshiped. Arranged like a typical Bible dictionary, the PhotoMuseum is unique in that it begins with the artifacts themselves (nearly 1000 high resolution images). Most Bible dictionaries offer a general treatment of a subject and then illustrate it with an image or two. The PhotoMuseum, on the other hand, treats each subject by exploring the actual archaeological finds which inform our knowledge of that subject. In short, it lets you look at the actual clues so you can better understand how they help unravel the mystery of the Biblical world.

Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2
• Editor: David Lang
• Copyright: OakTree Software, Inc. (2016)


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