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Book cover: Three Views on Genesis 1-11 (Counterpoints Series)

Three Views on Genesis 1-11 (Counterpoints Series)

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There is little doubt that in recent years the nature of the Genesis narrative has sparked much debate among Christians. This Counterpoints volume introduces three predominant interpretive genres and their implications for biblical understanding. Each contributor identifies their position on the genre of Genesis 1-11, addressing why it is appropriate to the text, and contributes examples of its application to a variety of passages.

The contributors and views include:

  • James K. Hoffmeier: Theological History
  • Gordon J. Wenham: Proto-History
  • Kenton L. Sparks: Ancient Historiography

General editor and Old Testament scholar Charles Halton explains the importance of genre and provides historical insight in the introduction and helpful summaries of each position in the conclusion. In the reader-friendly Counterpoints format, this book helps readers to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each view and draw informed conclusions in this much-debated topic.

Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither
Three Views on the Bible's Earliest Chapters

• Series: Counterpoints - Bible and Theology
Series Editor: Stanley N. Gundry
General Editor: Charles Halton
Contributors: James K. Hoffmeier, Gordon J. Wenham, Kenton L. Sparks
Publisher: Zondervan (2015)

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