Payment Plan

Updated: August 2013

In order to help our users purchase their desired packages, we offer an easy payment plan as follows:

Terms of the Plan

Orders of $100 or more qualify for the payment plan. You may select from 3 to 12 monthly payments.

The order will be spilt into equal amounts. The first payment is due at the time of the order. Subsequent payments will be charged on or soon after the 15th of each month, starting with the month following the order.

A PayPlan service fee of $4 will be added to the charge every month, to offset the costs of the plan. If you pay off the plan earlier, there will be no further fees.

You may add items to an existing payment plan only once in the first 3 months and during the same calendar year. Outside of these limits, a manager needs to approve the creation of a new plan, and the transfer the balance of the old one to the new one.

If you order online and wish to make payments, please make a note stating the number of payments requested, in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of the Finalize Your Order page, and email the additional information requested below. Be sure to mark the order for manual processing.

Please be patient while we verify your information and set up the payment plan.

How to Apply for the Plan

In order to most effectively process this request we will need the following information:

Additional Contact Information
Two References, at least one from your employment, school, or congregation if you are a pastor or rabbi. These will be used to contact you should your original contact information become insufficient or out of date. Copy and paste into an email:

Reference #1
Phone number:
Relationship to you:

Reference #2
Phone number:
Relationship to you:

Two phone numbers that we can use to reach you.


Please submit this information via email to:

Additional Card Information
We will need two valid credit card numbers, if possible. These must also be provided at the time of order. Please let us know which one you prefer to use for the duration of the plan. The second one will be used if the first declines for some reason. We also ask that the date of expiration of the card you use for your payment plan should not occur during the months that payments are being made.

Please do not send the card numbers in the email. You can enter them securely in the cart (the second one can be added to the notes), or give them to a sales assistant by phone.

The information in your application will be validated and reviewed by a manager as soon as possible, and we will inform you when we process the order.

We reserve the right to limit the amount of the initial purchase on the payment plan, and the duration of the plan. If we do limit the purchase we will allow you to upgrade from your initial purchase to a higher bundle without penalty, after we have received three substantial payments.