OakTree Software has always made it their goal to produce the best Bible study software on the market. We believe that being the best entails the following:

  • Offering innovative and powerful features which cannot be found anywhere else,
  • Providing the most intuitive, elegant, and easy-to-use interface possible, and
  • Providing a wide range of useful resources (texts, dictionaries, commentaries, etc.) for Bible study.

Academic Advisors

OakTree is grateful to all the scholars whose unceasing efforts have contributed so much to the ongoing development of Accordance. In particular we wish to thank:

  • Martin Abegg, Jr., Ph.D
    Professor, Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Institute
    Trinity Western University
  • Edward M. Cook, Ph.D
    Catholic University of America
  • Marco Fabbri, Ph.D
    Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Rome
  • Leeor Gottlieb, Ph.D
    Department of Bible, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv
  • Robert Holmstedt, Ph.D
    University of Toronto
  • Rex A. Koivisto, Th.D
    Academic Dean

    Multnomah University