Updated: November 2014

Still trying to decide whether Accordance is right for you?

Our general policy is not to offer a refund on purchases of Accordance, since there is no way for you to return the software.

A working demo version is available for you to try on a Mac or PC, before you purchase Accordance.

On mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, the free iOS app comes with a batch of free modules which allow you to try the app throughly before adding more content.

However, for those who insist on a refundable purchase, we have the following option: You can purchase Accordance 11 with the Starter Collection for just $59.90. We are willing to refund this purchase of the Accordance program (application) download only within 10 days of the original purchase.

Requesting a Refund


  • Email us with your refund request,
  • Remove the Accordance program, fonts, modules, and installers from the hard drive.
  • Do not return any disks until we authorize the refund.
  • Answer all the following questions on your Refund Request email:

1. Invoice number of original purchase:
2. My phone number:
3. The computer system on which I ran Accordance:
4. I was/was not able to install Accordance and the modules
5. My main problem with Accordance is:
6. I also did not like:
7. I did like these features:

Click here to email your request.