Free, Online, Interactive Training Sessions with Accordance Staff

We are now offering live, interactive training sessions with Accordance staff over the Internet. These classes are free and will have limited attendance to enable interaction between the participants, so be sure to check the listings and sign up soon to reserve your place.

Some of the session topics include:

  • Just the Basics
  • Introduction to Accordance Graphics
  • Introduction to Accordance Searching
  • Introduction to iOS
  • User Tools and Notes
  • Advanced Hebrew Searching
  • Advanced Greek Searching

Class offerings may change at any time so if you see something that interests you, be sure to take advantage of it while it is available. Signup opportunities and the list of classes can be found here.

We have posted several sample sessions for you to watch at your own pace, without the option to interact, of course.

Are the Webinars Helpful?

We certainly hope so! The best proof is that some users sign up again and again for different topics.

A selection from the evaluations we have received:

  • Fantastic. These webinars are extremely valuable. Please keep offering them! Dr. J. is a fabulous presenter too.
  • I appreciate the continuing training that you offer.
  • These classes definitely add to the value of the suite of resources we have available on Accordance.
  • Dr. J and Linda have inspired, encouraged, strengthened, and made human the wonder of worshiping God through preparing expository sermons.
  • Learning to use the User tools and notes. I'always wanted to use them but never got around to it. This helps tremendously.
  • Refreshed! Oh, how thirsty many of us in rural America we are for godly, skillful, cheerful, and enthusiastic instructors of God Word! Thank you.
  • These Webinars. They are a tremendous service. They also are good at helping me to see what new Accordance modules I should buy!
  • I have recently upgraded to Accordance 10 and had trouble adjusting to the new format, but this class has set me moving forward to understanding more of the functions of the program. I had known that I had not been taking advantage of all the tools available so I am grateful for these comprehensive instructions! I love being able to ask questions to get me out of the difficulties I get into!