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Welcome to the Help Pages for Accordance for iOS. Even if you have never used Accordance before, you should find it easy to explore the features on your own. These pages offer brief descriptions of the views, buttons, and options, in case you prefer to read about them.

Accordance comes with an impressive set of free Bibles and other books (we call them text and tool modules). Some are included with the app, and the rest can be downloaded after you register on this website and login from your device.

Check the Products section of this website to find a wide array of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and other resources which you can buy on their own or in bundles to download into your app.

Podcasts Featuring Accordance for iOS:

Help Pages on Accordance for iOS release 1.4 (Dec 2011):

Páginas de Ayuda


Installing the Accordance App

Main Text View

Tool View

Devotional View

Library View

User Notes


GoTo for Texts and Tools

Instant Details


Search in Texts

Search in Tools



Copying Text

Easy Install and Updates

Sync with Accordance on Mac


New Features

Types of Texts and Tools


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Accordance is a Universal app, compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with iOS 4.2 or higher.