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All-in-All Accordance Program: All current and future Accordance modules

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The All-in-All Accordance program is designed to supply all Accordance modules to a single user or computer, at an attractive price, and to maintain the status with monthly add-ons of newly released modules.

A new user subscribes to the program with the purchase of the Ultimate Collection and the current Greek Master and Hebrew Master add-ons, which are already heavily discounted from the list prices of the individual modules. The user also agrees to a simple contract and purchases all the remaining groups and modules at 20% discount, in order to reach the All-in-All. At the end of each month the user is charged for any further modules added to Accordance, at the introductory price (if lower) or 20% off the regular price, and these modules are added to his account.

Current users can upgrade to the All-in-All Accordance program by upgrading to the Ultimate Collection and the current Greek Master and Hebrew Master add-ons whether using upgrade paths or purchasing any missing modules at 30% discount (20% for add-on bundles). All remaining missing modules are purchased at 20% discount.

The monthly add-ons will remain in effect until the user requests that the program be discontinued. If he later wishes to rejoin the program, he must purchase any missing modules at 10% discount.

The All-in-All PDF lists the packages and modules included in the program at the current date of the PDF, together with the discounted price of the entire set.

Please note that these discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, the best applicable discount will be applied to each regular price.

To obtain a list of the modules which need to be added to your current Accordance package, please use the Upgrade Calculator in the Easy Install/Check for Updates dialog. To join the All-in-All program please contact our sales office for a customized quote. It will be helpful for current users to email the upgrade calculation for the Ultimate Collection, the Greek and Hebrew Masters, and the All-in-All Program.

Please understand that if you have purchased Accordance modules over several years, we cannot simply credit you for what you already own. All we can offer is the best price we can on your remaining modules in order for you to join the program.


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