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Biblical Hebrew (from Yodea)

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Not an Accordance CD-ROM. Runs on PC (98, XP and Vista) or Mac OS X and Classic. Does NOT run on 10.7 (Lion).

This CD-Rom by Yodéa Editions enables the user to learn the original language of the Bible, utilizing some of the most famous verses and bringing together, in a user-friendly and graphic format, all of the elements necessary for mastering Biblical Hebrew: reading, writing, textual analysis, cantillation, English translation, grammar, dictionary, interactive exercises, and more. The software also includes cultural information relating to the texts being studied.

Biblical Hebrew: A Comprehensive Method
• Publisher: Yodea Editions


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June 3, 2012  | 12:02 AM  |  Good (4)
A great resource both for those embarking on a path of self-study for Biblical Hebrew, and even for those in a structured course. Beautifully designed with high quality audio of native speakers giving the *correct* pronunciation of Hebrew words. This aspect alone makes it a precious resource for the perfectionist (like me) wanting to repeat accents accurately. Hearing the correct and consistent pronunciation is key also to correct memorization of words. It's a real treat to listen to lengthy passages of Scripture read aloud fluently. I would give this five stars except the lack of customer and technical support from Yodea detracts from the overall experience. An updated version that is Lion compatible would also be nice, as the PowerPC has long been out of production. For now, I run mine in Win XP under Fusion with no problems.