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An upgrade to the ESV with Strong’s numbering is available as well as an upgrade to the ESV Study Bible Notes.

This eagerly awaited new translation published by Crossway stands in the classic stream of Bible translations, KJV, ASV, and RSV,and is based on the 1971 RSV. As an essentially literal translation, the ESV seeks to capture the precise meaning of the original text and carry over the full range of meaning. The module includes poetic formatting and red letter (optional) as well as the Translators’ Notes, Introductions, and Cross References. Release 2 incorporates the minor textual updates from the ESV Translation Oversight Committee meeting in 2005.

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November 7, 2011  |  6:35 PM  |  Fantastic (5)
One of the best translations available. As mentioned in the product description, this is not an original translation, but rather a (significant) revision of the RSV. The translators' goal of providing an "essentially literal" translation produces excellent consistency with the original texts, which is particularly useful with any Greek or Hebrew modules in Accordance. They achieved an 8th grade reading level, which makes this text a great choice for serious study, personal devotion, congregational use, and much more.
November 4, 2011  |  2:44 PM  |  Good (4)
Good translation, easy to read. Do realize this was done by reformed scholars so it tends towards a reformed/calvinistic translation of certain passages. Not a huge issue but should be remembered in your reading and use.