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Masora Thesaurus

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The module presents the Masoretic comments appearing in Codex Leningrad, arranged alphabetically by "anchoring words" (= scripture words to which the comments refer). The "anchor-words" are arranged alphabetically according to lemma. The entries are discussed and explained (in Hebrew) in the footnotes provided by the editors, Prof. Aron Dotan and Nurit Reich. Hypertext links have been added to the Scripture references and the Masoretic entries cross-references.

The 3.0 update (3/20/14) adds many corrections and cantillation marks. It also reformats the entire thesaurus:

In the previous format of the module, the anchor-words were given once, as a heading under which all the verses containing relevant Masora comments were listed. In the new format they are repeated before each verse. This brings two advantages:

  1. If an anchor-word appears in several verses but with minor variations, such as presence or absence of a dagesh or a maqef, or changes in cantillation, the precise form is displayed for each verse, rather than one form being given as a heading for all the verses.
  2. Cross-references in the thesaurus are to a combination of anchor-word + verse. In the old format, cross-references led to the anchor-word heading, and the user had to scroll down to find the relevant verse. In the new format, the cross-references lead directly to the correct anchor-word + verse combinations.
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February 19, 2014  |  9:40 AM  |  Fantastic (5)
In a few words, what would say Ben Asher, Ben Neftali or even Ginsburg by gazing this amazing and extraordinary Accordance work? I do not hesitate this module will be extremely useful for our Spanish-Hebrew Interlinear Project. Thanks so much Ms. Brown and Lord bless you all.