25th Anniversary Logo 25 Years Filled with Thankfulness!

§  First and foremost, we are thankful to God for his many blessings and for letting Accordance bless others for 25 plus years!

§  Second, we are thankful to you our Accordance family for your continual loyalty, support, and encouragement. Thanks to you, we have continued to exist and serve you! We are so grateful that you are our wonderful ambassadors helping Accordance to be better known by people who delight in the study of the Scriptures. You don’t know how much we appreciate it when we get a note from users who expresses the joy, excitement, and fulfilment they now find in studies–and all because someone introduced them to Accordance!

§  Third, we are thankful for the partnerships with the many outstanding publishers who continually produce new and great resources for all types of biblical interests!


Truly grateful and thankful!

Accordance Staff