Oct 8, 2010 David Lang

Accordance 9: Search Window Changes

One aspect of the Accordance interface which is most changed in Accordance 9 is the Search window. We rearranged things a bit to save on screen real estate and to make certain features easier to access. Here are a few of the changes that were made.

First, we got rid of the More options section of the window and made the controls it contained more accessible. For example, the search field and range pop-ups, which only apply when searching by words, now appear to the right of the Words/Verses buttons when Words is selected. When Verses is selected, they are hidden altogether.




The Add Context pop-up, which also was hidden inside More options, has now been replaced by a slider to the right of the list of hits and verses. Our goal here was to make adding context as easy and discoverable as possible.


You can drag the slider to the right to add one or more verses before and after each hit verse.


Note how adding one verse of additional context changes the number of verses from 19 to 48, and now you see verses 18 and 19 between Genesis 3:17 and 3:20.

Drag the slider all the way to the right and you'll see each hit in the context of the entire Bible. Click either end of the slider to toggle between no context and all context. It's a simple change which we believe will greatly simplify your workflow.

The Details button, which opened a special workspace showing statistics and graphs of your search results, has now been replaced with an icon pop-up menu. Choosing "Show Default Details" will open whatever stats and graphs you have checked in the Search window settings of the Preferences. You can also choose specific stats or graphs to display.


Instead of opening in a separate workspace, the Stats and Graphs you choose from the Details pop-up will now appear in a new zone in the same workspace. Again, our goal was to make all of these features, some of which have been around since Accordance 1.0, more discoverable and accessible.

The Accordance interface has been designed to be flexible and fluid, enabling you to access search options and display options without having to fumble through multiple steps. We believe these and other changes in Accordance 9 will further simplify and enhance your Bible study workflow.

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Archived Comments

Robert Stull

February 02, 2012 7:18 PM

David, when will you bring back the up and down arrows in the scroll bar in the Bible text window so that we can auto scroll.  We can auto scroll in 9.5.1 but not in 9.5.3.

Helen Brown

February 03, 2012 12:33 AM

Robert: We didn't touch the scroll arrows, Lion did. There is a system preference to restore them.