Feb 8, 2011 David Lang

All Day with Accordance at Asbury

What can get a bunch of Minnesotans to spend an entire Saturday indoors—even when it's a balmy 30° F outside? A free Accordance training seminar of course! As a Florida native, I was bundled up and glad to be inside, but they were all sacrificing a day of fun in the sun just to be there! Maybe they were just being nice, but everyone seemed to feel it was a worthwhile way to spend their Saturday, including the gentleman who flew in from Rhode Island just to attend.

If folks in Minnesota were willing to give up enjoying their January thaw, how much more should you Accordance users in Kentucky plan to attend the training seminar in Wilmore this coming Saturday? We're sending a couple of our best trainers to Asbury Theological Seminary to cover everything from basic searching to in depth Greek and Hebrew, so you won't want to miss this opportunity to become an Accordance power user. There's still space available, so visit our seminars and shows page to find out how to register.

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