Jun 3, 2009 David Lang

Accordance Bird Dogs

Over the past few months, I've been playing around with Twitter. At first I thought it was the ultimate form of navel-gazing. And indeed it is in the case of people who post the mundane minutiae of their personal lives. Yet for all its faddishness and inherent narcissism, Twitter is an incredible medium for spreading news and information. Twitter is essentially a huge and open word-of-mouth-referral network, and since we've always relied heavily on the word of mouth recommendations of our users, Twitter represents a great opportunity for us to expose more people to Accordance.

Our official Twitter account is accordancebible, where you'll find "tweets" about Accordance news items, blog posts, Bible software discussions, etc. My personal Twitter account is accordanceguy, which I basically just use to converse with people about Accordance. accordancebible is really where the action is.

Speaking of action and word of mouth advertising, I've been repeatedly impressed with how those who "follow" accordancebible respond to requests for Bible software recommendations. If someone in the Twitterverse asks what Bible software people recommend, we'll usually pass that question along to our followers. Suddenly, Accordance users seem to come out of the woodwork to recommend Accordance to the original questioner. So rapid and enthusiastic are the responses of our Twitter followers that I've given them a nickname: the Accordance Bird Dogs.

Accordance Bird Dog

Why Bird Dogs? Because whenever anyone "tweets" about Bible software, they start "barking" about Accordance.

So thanks to all you "bird dogs" who are spreading the word about Accordance throughout the "Twitterverse." And for those of you who have not yet started to "tweet," thanks for the more traditional ways you tell people about Accordance. We rely heavily on your recommendations, and you have always made us look good.

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