Accordance Font

The Accordance Font is a new Unicode font which combines various biblically related fonts used within Accordance into a single Unicode font for clean, beautiful, and accurate display of a wide variety of ancient content.

It can be used in any Unicode capable application on any platform, and is recommended for the display of Unicode text in Accordance as well as export to other applications.

The following ASCII fonts were combined in Accordance Fonts:

  • Helena (Greek)
  • MSS (Manuscript and other symbols)
  • Peshitta (Syriac, based on Estrangelo Talada)
  • Rosetta (Transliteration diacriticals)
  • Salaam (Arabic)
  • Sylvanus (Uncial Greek/Coptic)
  • Yehudit (Hebrew)

Installation and Updates

On both Windows and Mac Accordance 11.2 and up will install the four styles of this font in the system. On Mac subsequent updates of the font will be installed with new versions of Accordance. However, to update the fonts on a Windows PC, please download the linked file and install as a new font

Download Accordance Font v 1.0

Released under the Open Font License.