Jan 28, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Interested in Accordance? Download the Free Trial!



Lately I've noticed an increasing interest in Accordance Bible Software from people who have never used it before! We realize that investing in Bible software can be a big decision, so we want to make it as easy as possible to check Accordance out before you buy. If you're considering Accordance or know someone who is, be certain to check out our free Accordance Trial Demo for Windows and Macintosh.

Recently, we updated the Trial Demo to the newest version of Accordance, putting it at feature parity with our paid version. The free Trial Demo comes with a number of representative Bibles and reference works from the Accordance Library. The demo will actually quit after 60 minutes (because it's a demo), but it can be restarted.

You can try out Accordance simply by downloading the demo. We don't ask for your name or any other personal information. You can try it out totally anonymously and see if it might be a good fit with your needs pertaining to Bible study, preaching, or biblically-related academic pursuits.

So head on over to our demo page and download the free Accordance Trial Demo for Windows, Mac--or both if you work cross-platform!

If you want to dip your toes a bit deeper in the Accordance pool, I will have some more information about how to do this very soon.

Mac Demo

Above: The Accordance 11 Demo Setup for Mac (Windows available, too!)

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