Dec 20, 2010 David Lang

Hear Me Discuss Accordance on ReformedCast

I spent this evening being interviewed by Scott Oakland of ReformedCast, a podcast which normally discusses Reformed theology but which occasionally focuses on the use of technology in Bible study and ministry. We discussed the history of Accordance, the evolution of Bible software in general, why we chose to develop Accordance for the Mac, what kind of tools are available for language study, what kind of specifically Reformed resources are available in Accordance, and more. The podcast runs for about forty-five minutes and can be found here. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed doing it. :-)

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David Voth

December 21, 2010 2:06 AM

Good interview. Interesting to hear about those early days.

John Fidel

December 23, 2010 12:49 PM

Hi David,

I enjoyed most of the interview. I am always surprised how much you folks like to talk about your competition (actually only one competitor), when your competitor never really mention you... why is that? You are the dominate product in the Mac market... just curious why the continual jabs (even if they are true) at your competitor. Your product stands on its own.

David Lang

December 23, 2010 2:20 PM

John, I didn't write the interview questions I was asked, so how would you suggest I should have responded? I don't believe I took any "jabs" at Logos. I was asked a plain question which I tried to answer truthfully and charitably.

With respect to the charge that we only talk about one competitor, we are usually only asked about one competitor. Had I been asked to compare Accordance to QuickVerse Mac or BibleWorks for Windows I would have done that as well—again, as charitably and honestly as I could.

As for your statement that Logos never really mentions Accordance, I would simply suggest that you're mistaken.

John Fidel

December 23, 2010 3:54 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. You are correct that I was not sitting in your seat when the questions were asked. Perhaps my perception of things is just different than yours. You have a great product.. you should be passionate about it. We will agree to disagree on the value and merits of mentioning competitive products in interviews or other media.

John Fidel

December 23, 2010 3:57 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. You are correct that I was not sitting in your seat for the interview. I guess our perception of the matter is different. I speak from a more limited view of things that you do... We will just agree to disagree on the value of mentioning competitive products in the media.

Fr. Rusty Matheny

December 23, 2010 8:33 PM

Dear David: I thought you did well with the podcast.

I certainly think you were very gracious when asked about comparisons with Logos.

Not once did I hear you say anything negative about them, but rather, that each company had it's own approach to dealing with Biblical studies.

You did give your opinion ( because you were asked) about Accordance being faster and not having the issues that come with "porting" software. 

I thought you did well.


There were several points made that would be great "starting points" for further discussion, which I know will not happen in this format.

However, one point which I think is very important ( and True ) is that there are many more reformed resources than any others as far as e-texts.

Perhaps that subject would be good for discussion or a blog post.

I would love to delve into this area and find out how this could be changed.

The amount of knowledge, great writings, that we still do not have available digitally is incredible.

Perhaps you can help us to understand why, and, what we can do to help change that situation so that more of the wonderful works of the last 2000 years are available.


Also loved your excellent comments on the history of Bible study, most would not have the integrity to mention the fears the Church had of making the Bible available to all, much less that they were correct, but in spite of that, the good outweighed the negative.

Again, thanks, and nice work.