Apr 6, 2018 Accordance Bible Software

New Accordance Referral Program

We are pleased to offer all our users a referral credit. Whenever a new user orders an Accordance XII Collection and lists you as the person who recommended Accordance, you will receive a credit in your account. This credit can be used at any time towards a purchase of Accordance products.

The credit reward is as follows:

  • $5 for any Starter Collection purchase
  • $10 for any Learner or Discoverer Collection purchase
  • $20 for aTriple Discoverer or higher Collection purchase

Simply share with your friends how you use and love Accordance, and ask them to name you when they set up their online account. We will do the rest!

Please note that purchases under an Academic Purchase Program (APP) do not qualify for referral credit, as they are heavily discounted, and usually accrue credit to the faculty or institution.

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