May 18, 2009 David Lang

Apologetics Study Bible Released

ApolStudyBible-coverWe're pleased to announce the release of the Apologetics Study Bible for use with Accordance. This innovative study Bible from Broadman & Holman is designed to help people find answers to difficult questions about the intellectual credibility of the Christian faith, the relationship of Christianity to other religions, what the Bible has to say about today's tough issues, etc. It features book introductions, commentary, and more than 130 feature articles by such notable apologists and scholars as Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Charles Colson, John Frame, Norman Geisler, Hank Hanegraaff, Philip E. Johnson, Walt Kaiser, Al Mohler, John Warwick Montgomery, J. P. Moreland, and Ravi Zacharias. The Accordance edition is, of course, instantly searchable, thoroughly hypertexted, and will integrate seamlessly with all your other Accordance modules.

I actually developed the Apologetics Study Bible module, and the more I worked on it, the more I found myself wishing I had owned a study Bible like this in college. When locking horns with some of my professors, I was helped on numerous occasions by my trusty NIV Study Bible, but excellent as it is, the NIV Study Bible wasn't always focused on the kinds of apologetics questions I was asking. Those are exactly the kinds of questions The Apologetics Study Bible is designed to address, and from what I've seen, it faces most of today's tough apologetics issues head on.


Not only was I impressed with the Apologetics Study Bible's willingness to address the tough questions, I was also impressed with its tone. I've found that many apologetics resources aimed at a lay audience come off as somewhat knee-jerk, defensive, or overly simplistic. But the Apologetics Study Bible generally addresses tough questions with candor and a concern to represent opposing viewpoints accurately. On a couple of issues, it even features multiple articles written from differing perspectives.

In the end, I was so impressed with the Apologetics Study Bible I gave my print copy to my oldest son. "Little" David is almost fourteen and about to be taller than "Big" David. He's also keenly interested in various kinds of apologetic questions: the relationship of faith and science, the differences among various religions and philosophies, why we believe what we believe, etc. It occurred to me that if the Apologetics Study Bible would have helped me when I was a teenager, it would be a great resource for him now.

By the way, I don't usually link to personal stuff on the company blog, but for those who might be interested, I've written a more personal post about giving this Bible to my son on my family blog.

You can purchase and download the Accordance edition of the Apologetics Study Bible from our web-site. The retail price is $40, but we're currently offering it on sale for $30. While we're at it, we're also offering a sale on all our other study Bibles, along with a 25% discount on all Library and Scholar's level upgrades.

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