We are pleased to announce the release of Strong’s Key Numbered editions of the Modern Hebrew New Testament and Arabic New Testament. The addition of Greek Key Numbers to these texts, which link most words to the Greek New Testament, allows Accordance users to identify and search for Greek words underlying the translation. Also, it enables the use of these texts for cross-highlighting with other Keyed and Tagged New Testament texts as well as use in the Accordance Dynamic Interlinear.

MHNT & Arabic NTs with Strong's

In the image above, cross-highlighting of the Greek word for light (φῶς) can be seen across the Modern Hebrew New Testament, Arabic New Testament, English Standard Version and Greek New Testament. Click/tap the image for a larger view.

Normally, when clicking on a Hebrew word in a Hebrew text, one would expect to see an entry appear from a Hebrew dictionary. However, in the case of the Modern Hebrew New Testament with Strong’s Numbers, the Greek Strong’s entry appears just as it would for any New Testament translation, such as the ESV or NIV.

The Modern Hebrew New Testament was produced in the 1970s by the Bible Society in Israel. The edition with Strong’s Numbers also introduces an extensive set of verse-by-verse notes on the text in Hebrew.

The Arabic New Testament with Strong’s Numbers is based on the work of Eli Smith and Cornelius Van Dyke. Smith, known for accompanying 19th century scholar Edward Robinson on two trips to Palestine to locate biblical sites, began the translation of the Bible into Arabic but was not able to complete it before his death. Van Dyke, a missionary and medical doctor, completed the translation in 1865.

Anyone who reads (or is learning) modern Hebrew or Arabic will appreciate the ability to place these translations beside the Greek New Testament or Bible versions with Key Numbers to quickly identify parallel words across languages.

MHNT 3D Hebrew New Testament with Strong’s Numbers (Modern Translation)
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Arabic NT - 3D Arabic New Testament with Strong’s Numbers (Smith and Van Dyke)
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