Mar 16, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Proverbs Released

BHQ Proverbs cover We are pleased to announce the addition of Proverbs to the ongoing Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) release for the Accordance Library.  If you have already purchased the BHQ, Proverbs is a free update that can be downloaded via Check for Content Updates in Accordance.

The Biblia Hebraica Quinta is an ongoing project that will eventually succeed the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia when complete. The BHQ edition also includes the additional Masorah magna and parva, based on the annotations found in the original Leningrad Codex, as well as a critical apparatus and commentary explaining the Masorah.

In Accordance, all these elements are broken up into separate modules in the Accordance Library so that users can arrange them in any way necessary to facilitate specific study needs. The image below displays all five modules synced using the Tab Ties feature in Accordance as merely one of an infinite number of possible ways to arrange the BHQ components for flexible study. Of course, all off the additional modules can also simply be incorporated into a workspace zone using the Add Parallel button above the primary BHQ text.

BHQ Proverbs
Click on the above image for a fullscreen view of the Accordance BHQ workspace.

Proverbs is now included with the already released BHQ editions of Deuteronomy, Megilloth (Ruth, Canticles, Qoheleth, Lamentations, Esther), Ezra and Nehemiah. The Twelve Minor Prophets is in the works and forthcoming.


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