Mar 3, 2011 David Lang

Can't Go To? Use the Context Slider

Accordance power users know there are lots of little tricks, shortcuts, and niceties which make studying the Bible quick and effective. In this series of posts, I'm offering some simple tips which can save you time and effort. Here's another one:

Can't Go To? Use the Context Slider.

In yesterday's post, I showed how you can hit Tab twice to select the contents of the Go To box so you can enter a verse reference (in a Text) or article (in a Tool) to navigate there quickly. As I explained yesterday, the Go To box is a navigational tool. When you enter a verse or article there, you are not searching for that verse or word, you are simply jumping there. If you've done a search which only shows some of the verses in a Text or some of the articles in a Tool, the Go To box can only take you to the verses or articles which are currently displayed.

For example, let's say you do a search in the HCSB for "faith." The first verse which contains the word "faith" is Deuteronomy 32:51. The next verse displayed is 1 Samuel 23:16. If you then hit Tab twice to select the contents of the Go To box and enter "Joshua," Accordance will take you to 1 Samuel 23:16, because it the closest verse which is currently displayed. Since the book of Joshua is not currently displayed in the window, how can you get there?

The easiest way to make sure that Joshua gets displayed in your window is to drag the context slider on the Search window all the way to the right (the setting for all context). You can also just click on the right edge of the context slider to set the window to show all context. With the context slider set to All, the verses containing the word "faith" will then be displayed in the context of the entire Bible. And with the entire Bible displayed, you can now hit tab twice then enter any verse in the Go To box to jump there.

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March 03, 2011 1:42 PM

Once you have the context slider set to All, you can easily navigate between search results using the "Mk" up and down arrows near the GoTo box.  Each of the search results has a Book Mark associated with it.  I've found this to be very helpful at times to see each of my search results in their full context.