Jun 10, 2009 David Lang

Complete the Switch

These days, a lot of people are switching from PCs to Macs, and those who depend on Bible study software are trying to weigh their options. If these Mac switchers haven't yet heard of Accordance, they'll soon find their options to be frustratingly limited.

Accordance Bible SoftwareThat's why I'm pleased to announce our new Complete the Switch promotion. We've devoted a section of our website to making our case for why Mac switchers should also switch to Accordance for Bible study. There you'll find testimonials, relevant links, even Complete the Switch web banners you can include on your own websites and blog pages. (I'm quite pleased with the way the small banner looks on my family blog).

Please check out our Complete the Switch promotion, and be sure to point people there the next time they want advice about Bible software for their Mac.

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Alan Kurschner

June 10, 2009 1:43 PM

I had the opposite experience. The only reason I switched to a Mac was so I could have the superior Bible software program, Accordance. It was only after I bought a Mac and Accordance did I realize that Macs had so many other superior qualities that PCs could not begin to match!


June 10, 2009 11:29 PM

I'd love to switch. But before I switch, I want to know Accordance will work for me. Which means I have to be able to use it, not just read about it. And return it if it doesn't. Accordance needs the 30-day return policy its competition has, and it might entice a lot more switchers. Starting with me. :)


June 11, 2009 12:09 AM

David replied to you on the Forum:

Your wish is our command. You can now purchase one of our Introductory Levels and try the software for 30 days. See here for details.



June 11, 2009 2:39 AM

What I would really appreciate from you is to add far more pictures and videos of your app, so that I can see actually what it does.

A narration only goes so far in explaning, but let MORE PICTURES actual sell Accordance. In this respect, OakTree, I ask that you please take notes from Apple and start to impliment the same in your own.

And, please let us, potential customers, actually download or view the demos with the very latest, most current update of Accordance, so that we can see exactly what we're purchasing.

Again, moreeeeeeeeee pictures and videos-PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!


June 11, 2009 4:27 AM


We have several current video demos here.

And a fully functional (except for printing) demo of our latest version can be downloaded here.

We also have an ongoing series of podcasts to which you can subscribe here.

And for images, we can't post these on every page, but there are well-illustrated pages in the About Accordance section: Introduction and Features.

Even the page on new features in version 8 is illustrated.

I agree that the training DVD videos show version 7, though everything is still applicable except the Arrange Modules window (which is now the Library window).

David illustrates his posts when there is something specific to show, but I think pictures and videos of the program are readily available around the site.

We're not (quite) as big as Apple, but we are doing our best to provide resources to help you decide on accordance and learn to use it.

Hope this helps.