May 9, 2011 David Lang

Dining at the Table of Nations

The other day a user on our forums expressed a desire for a good map showing the distribution of nations described in Genesis 10. The Accordance Bible Atlas does not have a region layer showing what is commonly called the "Table of Nations" or "Family of Nations," so he had two options: (1) create a user layer of the Atlas showing that information, or (2) find an appropriate map image in one of his Accordance tools. Since creating a user layer can involve a fair amount of work, I suggested that he just use Accordance 9's new and improved Search All window to search his library for images of the Table of Nations. To catch either "Table of Nations" or "Family of Nations," I proposed this search: (table, family) of nations. By searching the Captions of All Tools, this search found a map of the Table of Nations in several resources, including ZIBBCOT and The Sacred Bridge.


In those rare instances when our interactive Bible Atlas doesn't include a map you need, don't forget to search your library for appropriate images.

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