Apr 15, 2011 David Lang

Fixes for the Frustrated

Since we released 9.3, a few of you have been frustrated in your attempts to update. If you've been able to update to 9.3 successfully, only to get a migration error or be asked to locate the Accordance folder, those problems are the result of bugs in 9.3. The solution is to update to 9.3.1, an update we released last night which fixes those and a few other bugs. If you're using Check for Updates in Accordance 9.2 and every time you try to update to 9.3 you get an FTP error, you need to download the installer for 9.3.1 directly from our website. We apologize for the hassles. As always, we've tried to address them as quickly as possible.

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Archived Comments

William Varner

April 15, 2011 5:34 PM

David, I assume the new iOS app will be appearing soon. Let me tell you my biggest frustration with this otherwise very helpful application. Why is it that when you change a Bible text by clicking on the library books icon the reference defaults back to Gen 1:1? When I change texts in the lower panel by clicking on the plus sign, it keeps the current reference. IMHO that should be changed.

Will Varner     

David Lang

April 15, 2011 5:53 PM

Dr. Varner, we are hoping Apple will approve the new iOS app any day now. When they do, I think you'll be very happy.

Selecting a Bible from the Library icon will still open that Bible to its first verse, but Accordance for iOS 1.2 will let you switch an existing view to a different translation by tapping the Text label in the upper left. When you select a new Bible that way, you'll keep your place at the current verse.