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NEW! Holman Illustrated Study Bible

Holman Illustrated Study Bible Cover Some of the shepherds of the faithful, however, have too often closeted themselves in dim libraries, speculating about the redaction of texts and raising questions about the believability of the gospel stories. Only recently, with renewed attention to the physical remnants of first-century Palestine and the evidence of Jewish religion of that period, has the withering “quest for the historical Jesus” been abandoned, and a new flowering of “Jesus studies”—exploring culture, language, and place—begun.

In gray winters of the Teutonic North, the form of Jesus fades and blends with the mythical shades of Balder and Siegfried. But in the sunlight of Palestine, the rocks speak forth their echoes, and the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wears flesh again.

David Neff, Christianity Today, October 22, 1990 (quoted in the introduction to the Holman Illustrated Study Bible).

I’ve often suggested that study Bibles make great “first stops” for study and research before moving on to more detailed commentaries and reference works. This is especially true for a very specialized study Bible such as the Holman Illustrated Study Bible (HISB), released today for Accordance Bible Software. Teachers and preachers will especially appreciate the HISB, not only for its wealth of backgrounds information on the land and culture of Bible times, but also for the hundreds of photos and charts that can be used in teaching and preaching contexts.

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Essentially, the notes and extras in the HISB focus on geographical, historical, and cultural contexts of the writings in the Bible. Understanding these surrounding contexts helps someone understand the message of the Bible itself. As stated in the introduction, the HISB “contains a wealth of images that help the student of the Bible gain a sense of the settings in which God placed His people, into which He came to live as a man, and across which the message of the Good News was delivered by the apostles.”

Much of the content for the HISB comes from previous articles in Biblical Illustrator Magazine. I’ve subscribed to this magazine for decades and have even created a personal database to keep track of articles touching on various passages of Scripture. Therefore, on a personal level, I’m thrilled to have this resource with their great content that can be placed in parallel with any Bible text or translation.

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What’s in the HISB? These study Bible notes contain the following features:

  • Detailed introductions to help you understande the context and background of the book. Each introduction includes a key text, key term, and one-sentence summary. “God’s Message in the Book” lays out Purpose, Christian Worldview Elements, Teachings about God, Teachings about Humanity, and Teachings about Salvation. Every book of both the Old and New Testaments include a section in the introduction titled, “Christ in [book name]” that explores Christology throughout the particular book. Thematic threads throughout the Bible are explored in the “God’s Story” section, demonstrating how the particular book of the Bible fits in with the rest of Scripture. The “Original Historical Setting” focuses on traditional introductory elements like author, date of writing, original audience, and occasion. “Literary Features” explores genre, literary styles, themes, and structure.

  • Over 700 full-color photos. These beautiful, engaging photos will liven up any sermon or lesson from a biblical passage.

  • Approximately 200 charts, maps, illustrations and reconstructions. Many of the maps are the same high-quality images found in the recently-released Holman Bible Atlas, a personal favorite of mine for use in teaching settings.

  • A comprehensive overview of the Intertestamental Period. The 400 years between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament were extremely eventful. In fact, it’s impossible to fully understand the events of the New Testament without understanding the History of this period between the Testaments. This section of the HISB is just as detailed and colorfully illustrated with images, charts, and maps as the content illustrating the Old and New Testaments.

  • Holman Illustrated Study Bible - Android Extensive appendix sections.

  • Millennial perspectives on Revelation (chart)
  • Prophecies of Jesus' Second Coming (chart)
  • Expansion of Christianity (map)
  • Ancient Versions of Biblical Text (chart)
  • The Hebrew Canon of the Old Testament (chart)
  • Comparison Lists of Old Testament Books (chart)
  • The Apocrypha (chart)
  • Stages of Development of the New Testament Canon (chart)
  • Table of Weights and Measures (chart)

The print edition of the Holman Illustrated Study Bible originally paired this study content with the Holman Christian Standard Bible (not included). However, Accordance users can place the HISB in parallel with any biblical text and translation of their choosing. The HISB is no longer in print but highly sought after by those who are familiar with it. No doubt, the Accordance edition will extend its value for ages to come.

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