Mar 30, 2012 David Lang

IVP Pocket Dictionaries and Baptism Views

Pock-Hebrew-cover-sm As I mentioned on Wednesday, last week we released a bunch of new Accordance modules. Among them are several new books by InterVarsity Press: three new pocket dictionaries and a book exploring three views of baptism.

The pocket dictionaries include The Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew, The Pocket Dictionary of Church History, and the The Pocket Dictionary of Ethics. These concise dictionaries are all priced under ten dollars and offer helpful definitions of important terms in their respective fields of study. A bundle of all three dictionaries is currently on sale for just $18.99.

Baptism: Three Views Baptism3-cover-sm offers helpful discussion among proponents of three different views of baptism. Bruce Ware presents the "Believer’s Baptism" view, Sinclair Ferguson offers the "Infant Baptism" view, and Anthony Lane puts forward a "Dual-Practice Baptism" view. Each participant in the discussion offers a response to the other views presented, and the entire discussion is conducted with a collegial tone. If you're struggling to understand the long-standing debate between credo-baptists and paedo-baptists, you'll find this book extremely helpful. It too is currently on sale, along with a number of other resources of pastoral interest.

Be sure to grab these helpful resources before the sale ends.

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