Oct 7, 2019 Jeremy Brannon

Marrying into the Accordance Family: Jeremy Brannon's Accordance 25 Story

Jeremy & Allie Brannon

My journey towards discovering Accordance begins with a G3 iMac given to me by my parents in college for use in completing my degree at Florida State. Being a Mac person came in very handy when I met a young lady named Allie at our campus ministry who was also a Mac user and from time to time needed some minor tech support. I was only too happy to provide it, and soon began dating her.

In due course, I soon met Allie's mother, who worked for Accordance. She graciously gifted me a copy of Accordance 6 (I believe), and I had the opportunity to be introduced to the software by Roy Brown. As someone who was really enjoying Bible studies in campus ministry, I found even the simplest features useful and learned more of what Accordance could do.

I married Allie in 2004 and we moved to Altamonte Springs, Florida, where I taught high school English for three years. Eventually, I quit my job and learned of a job opening for Accordance Module Development. Once I learned what that meant, I was glad to pursue the opportunity to work for Accordance, where I now oversee all new module development for the company.

Accordance continues to surprise me with what it can do and as I pursue my own study of the Bible; it is a constant companion. That old G3 iMac served me very well: it helped me find a wonderful wife, a great job, and an excellent tool for Bible study!

Jeremy Brannon is Director of Content Development for Accordance Bible Software.

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