The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses on the doors of the Wittenburg Church, effectively marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. To mark this anniversary, the Evangelical Church in Germany, in cooperation with the German Bible Society, has released a “Jubilee” revision of Luther’s translation of the Bible, originally released in 1522. For our users who read German, we are also making this translation available today for the Accordance Bible Software Library.

The LutherBibel 2017 builds on previous revisions but also reverses some changes that were made over time to “add back” some of Luther’s original wording where appropriate. This has been described as adding “More Luther” back to this edition.

The Accordance edition of LutherBibel 2017 includes lemma tagging for easy searching of terms regardless of German inflection. Instant Details instantly reveals the lemma underlying any word, and a Key command can be used for searching the LutherBibel 2017 for that text.

LutherBibel 2017 search:

Click/tap the image above for a closer look at the LutherBibel 2017 in Accordance.

The LutherBibel 2017 includes Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books, translators’s notes and cross references, and a dictionary of Bible words.

Note: If an Accordance user has previous versions of the LutherBibel, these can be placed in parallel and the Compare Texts feature can be used to see what has been changed in various editions.

LutherBibel comparison

Click/tap the image above to see a larger view of the LutherBibel 1545, 1912, 1984, and 2017 in parallel.

Accordance users who own the LutherBibel 1984 may purchase the 2017 edition at upgrade pricing. New purchasers may obtain the LutherBibel 2017 at reduced introductory pricing for a limited time.

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