MLJ Few well-known Christian figures can claim adherents from both Reformed and Charismatic schools of Christian thought, but Martyn Lloyd-Jones did (perhaps demonstrating the two do not have to be irreconcilable after all). Born David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), he served as both a medical doctor, and more famously, for almost 30 years as a minister and eventual senior pastor at Westminster Chapel in London.

Sometimes controversial, but never stale, Martyn Lloyd-Jones left a legacy of over 75 books and thousands of hours of recorded sermons. Many of our customers have already enjoyed the special edition of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Preaching and Preachers in Accordance, and you have continued to request more titles in our reader forums.

This week, we’re pleased to announce two new offerings (five volumes) by Martyn Lloyd-Jones for Accordance.

ACTS (6 Volumes in 3)


Acts Chapters 1-8
Originally released in six volumes, and then in three, you can now purchase in a single module Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic exposition of the first eight chapters of the Book of Acts.

As described at the publisher’s website, “Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains the message of the first eight chapters of Acts with clear language and pastoral warmth. From Peter’s bold preaching to the dramatic stoning of Stephen, Lloyd-Jones points readers back to the foundational figures and key events of the Christian faith, emphasizing the basic truths undergirding genuine belief.”

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones 4-Volume Set

MLJ-Genesis The Gospel in Genesis: Fig Leaves to Faith.
In this volume, readers have access to nine sermons from Genesis 3-12. These nine sermons explore the introduction of sin upon the human race, its effects upon our first parents, its ramifications for Noah’s day, its path to rebellion at Babel, and finally its counter through hope for the world with the introduction of Abraham.



MLJ-Heart Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.
From 1951, these eight sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones were first preached to give hope and courage to those facing life or death situations. The pastoral side of Dr. Lloyd-Jones can be seen in these messages as he encourages his listeners (and now his readers) to confront those forces in this world that people fear and recognize that nothing is greater than the power of the Gospel.


MLJ-KingdomThe Kingdom of God.
These sermons date from 1963, one year in a decade of upheaval in the Western World. Martyn Lloyd-Jones works from the assumption that if the people of New Testament times did not fully understand the Kingdom of God, people of our age understand it even less. In these 12 sermons, Dr. Lloyd-Jones demonstrates that the biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God is even more radical than anyone can imagine, especially as embodied by the person of Jesus Christ.


MLJ-War Why Does God Allow War?
Martyn Lloyd-Jones originally wrote this volume at the beginning of the Second World War, but in our post-9-11 world, with continued new rounds of violence seemingly on a daily basis, this work becomes even more profound. Here, Dr. Lloyd-Jones attempts to answer age-old questions about tragedy, sin and suffering. Peace can only come from God himself and gives comfort to us in our own times of upheaval and crisis.


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