Feb 23, 2011 David Lang

Use Magnify Zones to Hide Stuff While Teaching

In the past couple of posts, I've talked about how I'm trying to teach Greek to my children. I described how I'm using Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek in Accordance and how I did a simple search to find plenty of examples they could practice parsing. In the process of doing that exercise, I stumbled across another helpful use for the new Magnify Zones feature: it's a great way to hide stuff you don't want your students to see.

When I did the search described in this post, I already had a zone open displaying the paradigm chart from Mounce's grammar that we've been going over. Since I wanted them to do the exercise without looking at the chart, I was tempted to close the zone containing the grammar. But that would have meant losing my place and having to find it again the next time I opened Mounce.


Then it hit me: just magnify the zone containing the Greek text, and the zone containing Mounce will automatically be hidden.


Whenever I needed to refer to the paradigm chart, I could simply de-magnify the zone or cycle to the zone containing Mounce using the keyboard shortcuts Dr. J showed off in his recent podcast. It couldn't have been easier!

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