Mar 28, 2016 Richard Mansfield

NEW! NIV Zondervan Study Bible

NIVZSB w/border and drop shadow Last Fall, I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary copy of the new NIV Zondervan Study Bible (NIVZSB) from the publisher. As much as I prefer electronic texts, I have to admit that the NIVZSB is a marvel of modern printing and graphic design. The layout is beautiful and rich with color images, maps, and charts. Everything about it suggests that it is a one-stop, ultimate resource of biblical information.

And yet, it’s big—really big. In fact, one could easily round up the number of pages to 3,000 without any real exaggeration. As wonderful of a resource as it is, I can’t imagine carrying it with me to church or Bible study. Therefore, I’m thrilled to announce today that we are releasing the NIV Zondervan Study Bible notes for the Accordance Library. If you’ve been been used to carrying the print copy, your arms, shoulders, and back will thank you after you’ve installed it onto your Windows or Mac laptop or your iPad or iPhone. The NIVZSB is the kind of resource you want to have with you at all times, and the Accordance edition makes that a reality.

NIVZSB print & digital

Click/tap image above for a larger view of the NIVZSB in print
and in Accordance on an iPhone 6s Plus

What fills the nearly 3,000 pages of the NIVZSB? More than 20,000 notes alone on the New International Version of the Bible makes this an invaluable resource. Add to this 60 charts, 90 colors maps, 28 articles, and hundreds of images—edited by D. A. Carson with a team of 60 contributors who represent a range of evangelical denominations and perspectives. And keep in mind that when you have a resource like this in Accordance, your license gives you permission to use the images, charts, and maps in teaching and preaching settings.


Click/tap image above for a larger view of the NIVZSB on the Mac.

The NIV Zondervan Study Bible is clearly a flagship publication in the study Bible genre. Although it’s not a revision or even a replacement of the best-selling study Bible of all time, the NIV Study Bible, it very much feels like its “spiritual successor.” Accordance users have been requesting this title ever since it was published in print last year, and I’m confident it will be a tried and true resource for many years to come.

Although the print edition of the NIVZSB is paired with the New International Version, in Accordance, it can be placed in parallel with any biblical text of the user’s choosing. And if you don’t have it already, we highly recommend the NIV (2011) Enhanced with G/K Numbers and Phrase Tagging, a resource not currently available anywhere else.


Click/tap image above for a larger view of the NIVZSB on an iPad Pro.


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