Newly available with the release of Accordance Version 13.0.3, the Targums WordMap database is the product of the Equivalent Project – a research initiative headed by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb of Bar-Ilan University – which strives to identify and link the contents of ancient biblical translations back to their equivalents in the Hebrew Bible, thus creating a comprehensive synopsis and thesaurus of equivalents of the ancient translations of the Bible.

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Utilizing Accordance Software’s Targums texts, (the most advanced digital Targum editions available with morphological tagging), the Targums WordMap provides users with powerful and previously unavailable cross-textual search capabilities. For example, a user can easily search for any word in the Hebrew Bible and create a comprehensive list of equivalent translations in the Targums. The results could also be narrowed by specifying which Targum texts to include in the search. Users can also create a detailed synopsis of the texts with precise alignment of all words and their equivalents.


Beyond this, the Targums WordMap allows users to perform searches between the Targums themselves, identifying equivalents and parallels even where these depart from the Hebrew text in expansions. Additionally, if a user wished to quickly find such departures, they could search for any word or words in the Targums that have no equivalents in the Hebrew, or other Targums. Searches like these are especially useful to those wishing to better understand the relationships between the Targums, their choices in translation, and the development of explanatory traditions.

This database also allows users to take advantage of many new features in Accordance 13 such as cross-highlighting of tagged texts and the use of the TEXT command in searches. Learn more about how Accordance 13 can improve your studies!

The Targums WordMap database has been recently completed and now covers the entire Pentateuch.

We are excited to see what new discoveries are made and what new insights are gained by our users as they utilize the capabilities of this database that were heretofore unavailable to the world of biblical scholarship. In truth, the only limit to the usefulness of the Targums WordMap is what question you can think of to ask!

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