After releasing N. T. Wright’s “For Everyone” New Testament Commentary Series, Accordance users have continued to request more titles from the former Bishop of Durham. Regardless of whether one is a fan of Wright’s work, a critic, or somewhere in-between, few can ignore the impact he has made on modern biblical studies. Thus we are pleased to bring you two brand new N. T. Wright bundles with titles from two prominent publishers.

First, from Fortress Press come five titles, including the first four volumes in the Christian Origins and the Question of God series.

NTW-NT & People The New Testament and the People of God: Christian Origins and the Question of God: Volume 1
This first volume in the series Christian Origins and the Question of God provides a historical, theological, and literary study of first-century Judaism and Christianity. Wright offers a preliminary discussion of the meaning of the word god within those cultures, as he explores the ways in which developing an understanding of those first-century cultures are of relevance for the modern world.


NTW-Jesus & Victory Jesus and the Victory of God: Christian Origins and the Question of God: Volume 2
In the second volume, N. T. Wright focuses directly on the historical Jesus: Who was he? What did he say? And what did he mean by it? Wright begins by showing how the questions posed by Albert Schweitzer a century ago remain central today. Then he sketches a profile of Jesus in terms of his prophetic praxis, his subversive stories, the symbols by which he reordered his world, and the answers he gave to the key questions that any world view must address. The examination of Jesus’ aims and beliefs, argued on the basis of Jesus’ actions and their accompanying riddles, is sure to stimulate heated response. Wright offers a provocative portrait of Jesus as Israel’s Messiah who would share and bear the fate of the nation and would embody the long-promised return of Israel’s God to Zion.

NTW-Resurrection The Resurrection of the Son of God: Christian Origins and the Question of God: Volume 3
The third book in the series sketches a map of ancient beliefs about life after death, in both the Greco-Roman and Jewish worlds. It then highlights the fact that the early Christians’ belief about the afterlife belonged firmly on the Jewish spectrum, while introducing several new mutations and sharper definitions. This, together with other features of early Christianity, forces the historian to read the Easter narratives in the gospels, not simply as late rationalizations of early Christian spirituality, but as accounts of two actual events: the empty tomb of Jesus and his “appearances.”

NTW-Paul & Faithfulness Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Christian Origins and the Question of God: Volume 4
In the fourth installment (both print volumes are combined in one Accordance module), Wright carefully explores the whole context of Paul’s thought and activity—Jewish, Greek and Roman, cultural, philosophical, religious, and imperial—and shows how the apostle’s worldview and theology enabled him to engage with the many-sided complexities of first-century life that his churches were facing. Wright also provides close and illuminating readings of the letters and other primary sources, along with critical insights into the major twists and turns of exegetical and theological debate in the vast secondary literature. The result is a rounded and profoundly compelling account of the man who became the world’s first, and greatest, Christian theologian.

In addition to the series listed above, the N. T. Wright bundle from Fortress Press also includes the following title:

NTW-Pauline Perspectives Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978-2013
This companion volume to Paul and the Faithfulness of God and Paul and His Recent Interpreters brings together N. T. Wright’s most important and influential articles on Paul over the last 35 years. This text includes previously unpublished exegetical essays on Paul’s letters, specially written for this book. The book begins with N. T. Wright’s auspicious essay of 1978, when as a young, aspiring scholar he gave the annual Tyndale lecture in Cambridge, and proposed, for the first time, “a new perspective” on Pauline theology. The book ends with an expanded version of a paper he gave in Leuven in 2012, when as a seasoned scholar at the height of his powers he explored the foundational role of Abraham in Romans and Galatians. In all, the thirty-three articles published here provide a rich feast for all students of Paul, both seasoned and aspiring.


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In addition to the bundle above, we bring you two N. T. Wright titles from InterVarsity Press.


NTW-Evil & Justice Evil and the Justice of God
We hear of child abuse, ethnic cleansing, AIDS, torture and terrorism, and rightfully we are shocked. But N. T. Wright says we should not be surprised. For too long we have naively believed in the modern idea of human progress. In contrast, postmodern thinkers have rightly argued that evil is real, powerful and important; but they give no real clue as to what we should do about it. In fact, evil is more serious than either our culture or our theology has supposed. How then might Jesus’ death be the culmination of the Old Testament solution to evil but on a wider and deeper scale than most imagine? Can we possibly envision a world in which we are delivered from evil? How might we work toward such a future through prayer and justice in the present? These are the powerful and pressing themes that N. T. Wright addresses in this book that is at once timely and timeless.

NTW-Justification Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision
Few issues are more central to the Christian faith than the nature, scope and means of salvation. Many have thought it to be largely a transaction that gets one to heaven. In this riveting book, N. T. Wright explains that God’s salvation is radically more than this. At the heart of much vigorous debate on this topic is the term the apostle Paul uses in several of his letters to describe what happens to those in Christ–justification. Paul uses this dramatic image from the law court to declare that Christians are acquitted of the cosmic accusations against them. But justification goes beyond this in Paul’s writings to offer a vision of God’s future for the whole world as well as for his people. Here in one place Wright now offers a comprehensive account and defense of his perspective on this crucial doctrine.


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Bonus Tip: Organizing Your Accordance Library

Accordance 11 automatically arranges your books into one of 23 categories. But this organization is not rigid, and you can rearrange your Accordance Library any way that works best for your studies.

Wright Accordance Library If you purchase the complete seven N. T. Wright titles listed above, after running Easy Install, you will find them in the “Writings” section of the Library window. I’ve been in the process of giving my Accordance Library a little bit of “further” organiztion, and I wanted to do the same for the N. T. Wright titles.

As you can see in the image on the right, I have created an “N. T. Wright” subfolder in Writings (right-click on any title or category to find the command to create a new folder). In the first section of the subfolder, I’ve placed the four titles in the Christian Origins and the Question of God Series in order.

After these four books, I’ve added a dividing line (right-click and choose “Add Divider”). Here I’ve added the fifth N. T. Wright book from Fortress Press. Under that, I’ve added another divider, and then I’ve listed my two IVP volumes in alphabetical order.

Ultimately, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to organize your Accordance Library making your content even easier to find.

Simply Brilliant!