Jun 9, 2011 David Lang

Gimme a Map with No Overlap, Part 2

Last week, I pointed out how the Accordance Bible Atlas lets you create custom maps that show information you won't normally find in a print atlas or a software program that offers only static maps. The final map I showed combined several layers of information, and a user pointed out that there were some places where the labels overlapped. So I followed up that post by showing how tweaking one of the layers eliminated all but one of the label conflicts. In today's post, I want to show how to eliminate that last conflict.


In the map above, you can see that the name Beer-sheba conflicts with the label for the tribal territory of Simeon. Since Beer-sheba is an important site, and since Simeon was a minor tribe located entirely within the borders of Judah, one way to resolve the conflict is to remove Simeon from the Tribes of Israel region layer. To do this, select Define Region Layers… from the Region layer pop-up menu of the Atlas.


In the dialog that appears, select Tribes of Israel in the list of layers at the top left corner. In the bottom left corner of the dialog box, you'll see a description of the layer and a pop-up menu which lets you choose the various subregions. In the Tribes of Israel region, each tribal territory is a subregion you can modify individually. Select Simeon in this pop-up menu, and you can choose to hide the label for that subregion while showing its borders, or you can hide both the name and the drawing of the borders to hide the subregion altogether. Here's how each option looks:

NoOverlap4 NoOverlap5

Once again, knowing how to tweak layers like this enables you to get a map which shows the information you need while eliminating potential label conflicts.

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Archived Comments


June 10, 2011 12:17 AM

Thanks for the help with layers.  What would be of most use to me is a way to reposition the names of places.  Even on your final map Judah almost collides with the last "A" of Philistia.  It would be nice to have a nudge command or to have the map programme detect name collisions and have a way to avoid them.  With the Judah name I would want to nudge it to the right and upwards.  What I have to do with Accordance maps is to make a map with no labels and then in a graphics programme put the labels back on with no collisions.

David Lang

June 10, 2011 12:58 PM

Harry, I think you and I are talking past each other a little bit. You want me to see the need to be able to move the labels somehow. Okay, the request is duly noted.

What I want you to see is that Accordance offers so much flexibility (even without your requested feature), that you should almost never have to export a map to a graphics program to add your own labels.

Believe it or not, I deliberately left the near-collision between Judah and Philistia so I could show still another way to customize the appearance of the map. Look for that in today's post.