New for the Accordance Library, the 14-volume Perspectives series from B&H Publishing brings together leading scholars to debate some of the most challenging issues in biblical studies, theology, and pastoral ministry.

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If you’re familiar with similar series, such as Counterpoints from Zondervan or Spectrum from IVP, then you already know the format. A debatable subject—usually doctrinal—or a difficult question is addressed by panel of experts on the subject. None of these experts exactly agree with one another, which is why these books are so interesting. Rather, each contributor represents a particular viewpoint or conviction.

On a theological subject like election, it’s very easy to narrow the debate to two sides: Calvinism vs. Arminianism. However, a discussion such as this one is much more interesting when it’s addressed from five different positions as in Perspectives on Election: Five Views. Or consider whether Christian worship is as simple as traditional vs. contemporary, or is the discussion nuanced enough to support multiple approaches?

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While the Perspectives series tackles a number of theological subjects such as the relationship between Israel and the church, election, and the atonement, a greater number of practical issues related to Christian living are covered, perhaps to a greater extent than the two other series mentioned above. Practical subjects include titles on Family ministry, tithing, the spiritual formation of children, and children’s education among others. Perhaps this greater emphasis on pragmatic issues is a reflection of the Perspectives series coming from a denominational publisher as opposed to similar series from other publishers.

Although the Perspectives series is published by B&H, a subsidiary of Lifeway, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, contributors are not limited strictly to Baptist thought. The writers in the series come from a variety of backgrounds, both inside and outside Baptist life–including other denominations–perhaps more reflective of the Evangelical world at large. Perspectives on Spirit Baptism may reflect the most diverse views of any title in the series. That particular title is the only installment including a non-Protestant author (the late Catholic author, Ralph Del Colle). Contributions from a greater Catholic or even Orthodox Christian presence may have been outside the goals set forth for the series, but readers should know going in that the perspectives—as varied as they are—are primarily Protestant.

Perspectives Family Ministry - iMac Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the friendly back and forth of these kinds of titles. Now and then, we have to ask ourselves why we believe what we believe. Do our core beliefs originate with our parents, because an influential teacher or pastor told us so, or have we taken the time to study the issues for ourselves? Have we been willing to hear other viewpoints? Have we looked at an issue from another perspective? The willingness to hear other sides on weighty issues will stretch us, and that’s healthy. If you’re up to the challenge, consider adding the Perspectives series to your Accordance Library.

The Perspectives series can be purchased in a 14-volume set or individually by title. A crossgrade from customers having already purchased the series on another Bible software platform is also available.

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