Oct 26, 2015 Richard Perry

Preacher Feature: John G. Butler

John G. Butler-ds This week our featured preacher is John G. Butler. He was a Baptist minister for over a half century including pastorates in Detroit and Chicago. Butler loves to write and loves the Word of God. "God has called me to write about the Bible and it is my main focus and delight!" His combination of well-organized, meaningful, and understandable outlines are especially helpful to pastors in preparation of their own sermons.

Butler's works are not only filled with conviction, passion, and inspiration but they are also well researched, practical, and beautifully alliterated making main points easy to remember and preach.  As a gifted writer and wordsmith, his alliterations and writing are so well used and appreciated that he has become known as "The Master of Alliteration." Read just one page from any of his works and discover this for yourself.

Want to learn more about John G. Butler's works? Check out this video covering Butler's Analytical Bible Expositor Series:

Butler's BiographyClick the above image to see an excerpt from Butler's Biography Series


Butler Resources


The Analytical Bible Expositor (14 Volumes)

This series will prove helpful for both preacher and teacher.  It will assist them to understand the Scriptures and also will give them a multitude of invaluable sermon and lesson outlines and material. Covers entire Old and New Testaments.


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Butler biography

The Bible Biography Series (27 Volumes)

The Bible Biography Series is a study of striking figures in biblical history whose lives provide us with much important truth for every person, age, and culture. Includes 27 biographies such as Joseph, Gideon, Lot, Hezekiah, Ruth, and the Heroes of Hebrews 11.


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Butler-Sermon Starters

Butler's Sermon Starters (5 Volumes)

Butler calls these “sermon starters,” but they are far more than that. Each concentrates on a single Bible verse and contains an outline of 4 to 6 crisply alliterated sermon (or lesson) points as only John Butler can do. Sermon Starters cover 1000 texts.


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Studies of the Savior (10 Volumes)

Studies of the Savior is John G. Butler’s detailed expository studies of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Volumes include His Incarnation, His Miracles, His Disciples, and more.


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Butler-Daily Readings

Daily Bible Readings (4 Volumes)

This collection of devotional books by John G. Butler are intended to help and encourage people to read through the Bible at least once a year and to read through the Bible with meaning and understanding.


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