Nov 5, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Recommend Accordance to a Friend!

Accordance Keyboard - smaller You already know how valuable Accordance is to your study, work and devotion. Why not share Accordance with someone else who would benefit from it? As an ongoing incentive, we’re going to reward our current users every time you recommend Accordance to friends, colleagues, and church members.

For every new referral who purchases an Accordance Collection, you will receive a $5 credit in your account. All the new user has to do is enter your name in the Referral Details under “How Did You Hear about Us?” and we will give you a $5 credit that can be used to add additional content to your own Accordance Library.

By the way, this will even work as a "walk up" at conferences such as the upcoming Evangelical Theological Society and Society of Biblical Literature meetings in Atlanta. Grab someone you know who should be using Accordance and bring him or her to our booth. If your friend makes a purchase, you get a $5 credit!

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