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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Reformed Expository Commentary (27 volumes), from P&R Publishing, for the Accordance Bible Software Library.

(Note: The initial release of Reformed Expository Commentary was a 28-volume product. The 28-volume product is no longer available; it has been replaced by the 27-volume product which removed the volume on Acts at the publisher’s request.)

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The series preface describes four fundamental commitments by the authors of the REC. “First, these commentaries aim to be biblical, presenting a comprehensive exposition characterized by careful attention to the details of text.” The series is distinguished from exegetical commentaries, however, in that they treat the biblical text by passage and not verse by verse or word by word.

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“Second, these commentaries are unashamedly doctrinal.” The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms serves as a doctrinal basis for the series, which—as the series name suggests—defines the Reformed viewpoint of the series.

“Third, these commentaries are redemptive-historical in their orientation.” Thus, the series is Christocentric in its treatment of Old Testament passages with “characters, events, regulations, and institutions are properly understood as pointing us to Christ and his gospel, as well as giving us examples to follow in living by faith.”

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“Fourth, these commentaries are practical, applying the text to contemporary challenges of life—both public and private—with appropriate illustrations.

The editors and authors (described in the preface as all being “pastor-scholars”) of the REC recognize the work of biblical interpreters who have come before them, but see this series as one for this specific generation. Their conviction is that exposition and theology go hand in hand and that any biblical passage “must arise from the doctrine taught in Scripture as a whole.”

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The Reformed Expository Commentary (REC) currently consists of 10 Old Testament volumes, covering 15 OT books; 16 New Testament volumes; and one thematic volume on the Incarnation, adapted from the content on the REC volumes on Matthew, Luke, and John. Richard D. Phillips and Philip Graham Ryken serve as series editors. Most volumes are based upon the text of the English Standard Version, with a few authors opting for the 1984 NIV, and one author using his own translation (in the Song of Songs volume).

As an exposition commentary, the series is primarily designed to aid pastors and Bible teachers, specifically within church settings; however, others will surely find these volumes of interest as well. Greek and Hebrew content is transliterated, opening the series up to a wide audience.

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Reformed Expository Commentary (27 Volumes)
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Each of the volumes within this series is also available individually. Volumes include:

  • 1 Samuel by Richard D. Phillips (2012) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • 1 Kings by Philip Graham Ryken (2011) (Regular Price $24.90)
    Review: JETS
  • Esther & Ruth by Iain M. Duguid (2005) (Regular Price $12.90)
  • Ezra & Nehemiah by Derek Thomas (2016) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • Ecclesiastes by Douglas S. O’Donnell (2014) (Regular Price $15.90)
  • Song of Songs by Iain M. Duguid (2016) (Regular Price $15.90)
  • Daniel by Iain M. Duguid (2008) (Regular Price $15.90)
    Review: JETS, PRJ
  • Jonah & Micah by Richard D. Phillips (2010) (Regular Price $20.90)
  • Zechariah by Richard D. Phillips (2007) (Regular Price $20.90)
    Review: JETS
  • Zephaniah, Haggai & Malachi by Iain M. Duguid, Matthew P. Harmon (2018) (Regular Price $17.90)
  • Matthew (2 vols) by Daniel M. Doriani (2008) (Regular Price $41.90)
  • Luke (2 vols) by Philip Graham Ryken (2009) (Regular Price $41.90)
  • John (2 vols) by Richard D. Phillips (2014) (Regular Price $41.90)
  • Acts by Derek Thomas (2011) (Removed 11/8/18 at the publisher’s request)
  • Galatians by Philip Graham Ryken (2005) (Regular Price $17.90)
    Review: JBMW
  • Ephesians by Bryan Chapell (2009) (Regular Price $20.90)
  • Philippians by Dennis E. Johnson (2013) (Regular Price $20.90)
  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians by Richard D. Phillips (2015) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • 1 Timothy by Philip Graham Ryken (2007) (Regular Price $20.90)
  • Hebrews by Richard D. Phillips (2006) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • James by Daniel M. Doriani (2007) (Regular Price $15.90)
    Review: JETS
  • 1 Peter by Daniel M. Doriani (2014) (Regular Price $17.90)
  • 1-3 John by Douglas S. O’Donnell (2015) (Regular Price $13.90)
  • Revelation by Richard D. Phillips (2017) (Regular Price $27.90)
  • The Incarnation in the Gospels by Daniel M. Doriani (2008) (Regular Price $15.90)