Refunds and Trial Versions

Updated: August 2017

Still trying to decide whether Accordance is right for you?

Our general policy is not to offer a refund on purchases of Accordance or the associated contents. If you want to try before you buy, there are several options:

Free Versions

A working free "lite" version is available for you to use on a Mac or PC.

On mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, the Mobile app is also free.

Both versions come with a batch of free modules which allow you to try the app thoroughly before adding more content.

30-Day Refund Offer

For those who really need to try out the full version of Accordance, we suggest that you purchase one of our Starter Collections:

If you decide that Accordance is not right for you within 30 days of the original purchase, we are willing to refund the purchase and disable the application on your devices.

Requesting a Refund


  • Email us with your refund request within 30 days of the purchase.
  • Remove the Accordance program, modules, and installers from your devices.
  • Answer all the following questions on your Refund Request email:

1. Invoice number of original purchase:
2. My phone number:
3. The computer system on which I ran Accordance:
4. I was/was not able to install Accordance and the modules
5. My main problem with Accordance is:
6. I also did not like:
7. I did like these features:

Click here to email your request.

Returns of Other Items

Although we do not provide refunds except for our Starter Collections, in special cases we will consider allowing you to "return" a product and receive credit for it in your Accordance account. You must contact us within 5 working days of the purchase, and explain why you are requesting the return. We reserve the right to deny any return request.

If the return is approved, we will deduct a Return Processing Fee of $10 for each return request. The balance of the credit is added to your online Accordance account, does not expire, and can be used towards any future purchase of Accordance products.

In order to receive the credit you must first set up a screensharing session with our support techs to ensure that the product is completely removed from each computer.

Click here to email your request to "return" a product.