Jan 16, 2012 David Lang

Sacred Techs Interviews Our Own Darin Allen

Remember the old commercial for Life cereal? Two boys are sitting at the breakfast table discussing this new cereal their mom says is "good for them." Not sure what to make of that, they go back and forth urging each other to be the first to try it. Then they hit on a brilliant way forward. They'll give it to Mikey, their finicky little brother, and see if he likes it. When Mikey enthusiastically digs in, the two older boys want some too.



At the recent annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, I was talking with another member of the Accordance team when Christian Brady, a professor, long-time Accordance user, and author of the popular Targuman blog, came up to us and asked who would be the best person to interview for his new Sacred Techs podcast. My colleague and I looked at each other about like those two boys in the Life commercial: neither of us wanted the pressure of an impromptu interview, so we cast about for a suitable Mikey. Then it hit us: Darin! He's our new Director of Marketing—let's get him to do it.

Darin was just finishing a demo when we called him over, introduced him to Dr. Brady, and told him that Dr. Brady wanted to interview him. I don't think we managed to tell Darin that this was for a podcast, so I'm not sure he realized that he was about to be recorded live.

In spite of getting put on the spot like that, Darin handled the interview like a pro. I just got done listening to it, and the guy is downright smooth! You can listen to the Sacred Techs podcast, which also includes an interview with the guys from Olive Tree Bible Software, here. Be sure to check it out, and if you think Darin did well in a pinch, be sure to let him know in the comments on this post.

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