Jul 7, 2011 David Lang

Tool Browser: See What You Need to See

On Tuesday, I showed how you can option-click a section of the Tool Browser to highlight it. When you do, all subsequent searches will be limited to the selected portion of the tool. But this tip isn't just useful when you want to narrow a search; it can also be used to display only the portions of a tool you want to see.

zeb_set.sm For example, let's say you're studying the Assyrian siege of Lachish described in 2 Kings 18–19, and you want to read a couple of relevant articles from the Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible—such as the articles on Lachish and Sennacherib. Unfortunately, you're going to be away from your computer all day. If you had an iPhone or iPad you could just bring Accordance and the ZEB with you, but alas, you don't own an iOS device. You do, however, have a Kindle, and it would be nice to be able to read those articles there.

Using the Browser, you find the article on Lachish and option-click its title to select it. Then you find the article on Sennacherib and shift-option-click its title. Holding the shift key down enables you to select more than one article at a time, so now both articles should be selected in the browser.

Now that you have the articles you want selected, you need a way to show only those articles. To do this, be sure an asterisk is entered in the search entry field, and that the Show pop-up menu is set to Articles. The asterisk tells Accordance to display all the selected articles, while setting the Show pop-up to Articles tells Accordance to show only the selected articles.


Now all you need to do is print to PDF and transfer that PDF to your Kindle!

By using this simple trick, you can specify the precise sections of a tool you want to display, print, copy, or work with.

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Archived Comments

Kerry Magruder

July 09, 2011 11:12 AM

David, thank you for these tool browser tips!  

I'm wondering if it's possible to combine this tip with searching for highlighting using the STYLE command to accomplish the following:  If I read an article in a tool such as NIDNTT, highlighting as I go, can I then search for the highlighting style in that particular article and have the results displayed in a reference window or someplace where I can then copy the highlighted phrases (without the intervening text), and then paste my highlighted text into a user tool?  This would be a real time saver.

Many thanks,