Oct 6, 2010 David Lang

Seminary Survival Video Contest Winners

A while back I blogged about the Friday night dinner at which we gave the sales staff a in-depth demonstration of Accordance 9. What I didn't tell you in that previous post was that we also took the opportunity to vote for the winners of our Seminary Survival Video Contest. We're now ready to announce the winners and show you their work.

Our runner-up was Kris Litman-Koon's The Accor-Dance, a spoof of The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. That was my favorite song when I was in the sixth grade, which I'm afraid doesn't say much for my musical tastes in Middle School. But hey, it brought back fond memories of listening to my Men Without Hats record. (Yes, I said record!)

Our video contest winner was Greg Reed for his gripping drama Surviving the Sinister Snares of Seminary. In it he shows how Accordance saves a procrastinated paper, a seminary career, and a marriage.


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