Mar 18, 2011 David Lang

Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple

I once saw a Bible software discussion in which someone wanted to search for Hebrew verbs which did not have a pronominal suffix. I was absolutely dumbfounded by the eventual solution that was offered, because it required a string of programming language gobbledygook which I found impossible to decipher.

Puzzled, I fired up Accordance to see if I could construct the search. The solution I came up with was very similar to one of the English searches I've been discussing in the last two posts. I simply entered [VERB] <NOT> <FOLLOWED BY> <WITHIN 1 Words> [SUFFIX]. Unless I'm not understanding something about the requested search, this simple search returned the desired result, and it didn't require a degree in computer science to figure out.

In Accordance, things don't suddenly get harder just because you happen to be searching Greek and Hebrew. The same search commands that work in English work in the original languages too. It's what makes Accordance simply powerful, and powerfully simple.

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