Jul 15, 2009 David Lang

Spurgeon: Not 500 yet, but still quotable

Last week, in honor of Calvin's 500th birthday, I showed how you could mine the Gathered Gold quotations module for pithy Calvin quotes. While Charles Spurgeon is not anywhere near 500 yet, he is still eminently quotable. In fact, I would say Spurgeon surpasses even Calvin in his ability to turn a memorable phrase. After all, he's not called the "Prince of Preachers" for nothing.

Exploring Spurgeon-coverSo quotable is Spurgeon that numerous compilations of his quotations have been published. The latest, and largest, is Kerry Allen's Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers, which we're pleased to offer as an Accordance module.

Allen has arranged more than 5,000 quotations by topic, dividing them into three overarching categories. Section One contains quotations and topics of General Interest, while Section Two focuses on quotations of particular interest to preachers, teachers, and ministry leaders. A final section contains quotes from Spurgeon's various "Salvation Appeals."

If a topic appears in both the "General Interest" and "Ministers" sections, a hyperlinked asterisk will appear beside the title. Just click it to see the quotes on that topic in the other section. Beside some topic titles, you'll also see a Topic Synonym category. Click that link, and a new tab will open showing every topic belonging to that category.

Exploring Spurgeon

You can search the Exploring Spurgeon module by Topic Titles, English Content, Scripture references, and Topic Synonym. You can, of course, use all the same features I demonstrated in my previous post about quoting Calvin. Exploring Spurgeon is available for purchase and download here.

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