We’re hearing from more and more users who, not satisfied with their Bible software for whatever reason, have made the switch to Accordance. If you’ve invested in a competing Bible software platform, you can use the coupon code SwitchNow to get 20% off your first Accordance order.

Make the Switch to see what Accordance can do for you. And don’t just take our word on it; see what previous Switchers have said in their own words:

[Note: we’ve changed the name of competing software platforms to our generic “Brand X.”]

“…I have found Accordance SUPERIOR in many ways! It is way easier to work with layouts and notes for starters. It DOES NOT index and DOES NOT slow down … Also, the customer support is stellar. I have had them call me on my cell to help a number of times, and I have worked with them on screen shares and phone. They are incredible! You DO NOT have to have an active internet connection to stay productive with Accordance … I bought into Accordance 3 or 4 years ago and have NOT regretted it for a moment.”

Bob Deacon, Accordance Forums

“…it has become clear to me that [Brand X Bible Software’s] focus and my focus are not inline. They constantly have problems with Hebrew display, especially with the DSS. They don’t seem as concerned about producing primary texts with the accuracy and robust tagging that students and scholars need. Accordance has more primary sources in the original languages with better tagging.”

Brian Davidson, brianwdavidson.com

“After being in [Brand X Bible Software] for a while … I got tired of the slowness, and other annoyances (when I open an app to read a Bible verse, I don’t want it to try to do a whole pile of updates and indexing; I opened it to read the Bible verse). Also there were some things about [Brand X Bible Software] that I could never quite work out properly. When I tried Accordance, everything I wanted to do was easy to work out, so I ended up switching to Accordance.”

Ιακοβ, Accordance Forums

“I never really understood what people were talking about when they bigged up Accordance’s workspaces before (what practical/desirable difference existed between that and [Brand X Bible Software’s] layouts), but that’s much clearer to me now–they’re great … The workspaces, along with the sheer speed of the app, really could make a huge difference in the way I approach this app vs [Brand X Bible Software]. I really love the way the Atlas and Timeline works, too.”

jmc1982, Accordance Forums

I started with [Brand X Bible Software] when it shipped on floppy disks … Accordance…is programmed using a superior skill set with a more common sense approach, and the results are immediately obvious … The software never feels like you’re turning around an ocean liner in a small river (slow and bouncing off the rocks), and there is none of the indexing that [Brand X Bible Software] users have to contend with. The interface is much more pleasant to work with as well.

Michael Miles, Accordance Forums

“I formerly used [Brand X Bible Software], but Accordance is a lot better in my opinion!”

Keith Pang, Facebook

“Best thing I’ve ever done for my Bible study.”

Robert Pavich, Facebook

“For me the biggest difference is ease of use. I was never able to become totally comfortable with searching in [Brand X Bible Software], and it was always difficult for me to find things … In Accordance, there are so many ways to search that I find I don’t normally give it a second thought. The flex search feature has been a boon (my memory is not all that good).

The other big selling point for Accordance is the customer service. In my previous job, I was a trainer and taught people to give excellent customer service, so I have become a customer service freak. Every experience I have had with the Accordance staff has been superb. I have even been blessed with Helen’s help a time or two (she is the only VP that I know of that deals with customers on a regular basis).”

revtim, Accordance Forums

“I have found that [Accordance] may be configured very easily to personal preferences–much more so than other such packages I have used. The ability to create workspaces to one’s preference was something that confused me at first, because I was so accustomed to using a vendor’s workspace model that would appeal to my tastes rather than creating a workspace. Think of the Accordance system as a set of tools that allow one to create a workspace to one’s own satisfaction. It takes a bit of time and experimenting to become comfortable with the system, but the Accordance system produces much more satisfying workspaces and workflows, in my opinion.”

Solly, Accordance Forums

The above testimonials are from just a handful of the many Switchers we’ve welcomed to the Accordance fold over the years. If you’ve been a Frustrated Brand X Bible Software User and are on the fence about switching, what are you really waiting for? The time to switch is now!